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  DHL corner tube boiler is field assembled boiler, it uses a piping system as the frame of the entire boiler, and it bears the full load of the boiler, which makes a non-framework boiler. At the same time, this frame also serves as the down comer of the boiler and upper and lower headers. The boiler drum is an external type drum, the furnace is a fully enclosed membrane wall structure, the convective heat absorbing surface adopts the flag tube structure. The corner tube boiler has the advantages of compact structure, low steel consumption and rapid temperature increase.

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  DHL35-1.25-M DHL50-1.25- DHL75-1.25-M ZZ-35/3.82-M ZZ-50/3.82-M ZZ-65/3.82-M ZZ-75/3.82-M ZZ-75/5.3-M
Rated thermal power
35 50 75 35 50 65 75 75
Rated working pressure
1.25 1.25 1.25 3.82 3.82 3.82 3.82 5.3
Rated imported water temperature
194 194 194 450 450 450 450 485
Feed water temperature
Fuel available
Design efficiency
89 89 89 89 89 91 91 91


Safe water circulation
The boiler adopts a unique water circulation structure; the drum is not heated and the heated water flows in one direction. In the event of power cut, the water does not vaporize in water system and the water circulation is safe and reliable.Safe water circulation


Anti-seismic Structure
Corner tube boiler adopts non-framework structure, its body weight is supported by membrane wall and down comer, and all membrane walls are welded into one whole piece with good anti-seismicity.Anti-seismic Structure


Complete sealed structure
The boiler proper is surrounded by welded membrane wall, and the steel structure is completely sealed to prevent air leakage. The upper part of the boiler can be separately transported according to the size of the railway transportation limit. The excess air coefficient at the boiler tail is less than 1.2, which not only reduces the heat loss of the exhaust smoke and power consumption of the induced draft fan, but also greatly reduces the environmental pollution of the boiler house.Complete sealed structure


Operational safety
Boiler grate shalll be trabeated style,to improve operation safety.Meanwhile grate-structured and well-tuned wind performance ensure complete combustion,and much reduced the mechanical loss of incomplete combustion.Operational safety





DHL Coal-Fired Steam Boiler-System flow chart

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