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ZOZEN leads the boiler equipment upgrades of the cable industry

2019-04-26     Hits:0
Energy saving, emission reduction and low carbon have been the theme of environmental protection in today's world; the cable industry is no exception. As the faithful partner of cable industry, environment-friendly boilers produced by ZOZEN have helped a variety of international cable enterprises to realize boiler upgrades, and provided strong support for global air pollution control.
ZOZEN steam boilers meet the high standards of the cable industry
The global cable industry is in the fierce competition, the enterprises with large scale and profession have the dominant position, which are concentrated in developed countries. As the economics of emerging nations in Asia increases, the production center is shifting towards Asia. According to the statistics, Asian market accounts for about 37% of the global cable  market, European market accounts for nearly 30%, the American market accounted for 24 %, the rest markets accounts for 9%.
Steam is essential for the  production processes of wires and cables, each process including drawing, stranding, cladding has different requirement for temperature and pressure, this requires the output steam must be accurate and controllable, therefore, the cable industry has a high requirement for the steam boilers.
As an internationally renowned boiler supplier, ZOZEN has served a batch of cable enterprises, and  has extensive experience in this industry. In allusion to the high request of boiler equipment in the cable industry, the technical team of ZOZEN actively tackled key problems and developed WNS series and SZS series condensing gas-fired boilers; they adopted special designing on the key parts such as the furnace and the flue gas emission, realizing the precise control of the temperature and pressure.
ZOZEN boilers are preferred by enterprises with safety and environmental protection
While meeting the demands of enterprise production, ZOZEN is actively working on improving the Internet of Things and remote monitoring system of boilers to help enterprises realize the expert management of boilers and save the operating cost and time. In addition,  intelligent control system of boilers can performed multiple operations including project monitoring, operational analysis and the fault inquiry; the low water level safety device, combustion interlock protection  and dozens of other safety assistance systems ensure the full automatically safe operation of the boiler, which will  provide a solid protection for the production safety of enterprises.
Besides, with the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, ZOZEN has made great achievements in environmental technology and gained favor from customers. ZOZEN gas-fired boilers use the  stratified combustion technology along with the international advanced burner to effective reduce the emission of harmful gases such as nitric oxides and sulfide, the NOx is below 30mg and the sulfide achieves near-zero emissions.
ZOZEN are preferred by domestic and international cable enterprises with the excellent boiler products and services, providing the essential support for the equipment upgrade, capacity upgrade and environmental production upgrade of the cable industry. In the future, ZOZEN will carry on upgrading products and services and make efforts for equipment innovation of the cable industry.

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