3.5MW YQW gas-fired thermal fluid heater for chemical industry

Project Description

  Thermal fluid heater is used to provide heat energy for the distillation, polymerization, melting, dehydrogenation and other processes in chemical industry. Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in researching and manufacturing chemical new materials and fine chemicals. It mainly manufactures and operates hundreds of products such as glycol ether, paint solvent, chemical fiber oil, crystalline silicon cutting fluid, environment- friendly plasticizers and double alkyl-capped polyether series, etc.. The original boiler used by Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. couldn’t meet the increasingly stringent requirements of environmental protection policies. The company decided to order an environment friendly thermal fluid heater. After realizing their actual demand, ZOZEN provided one set of 3.5MW YQW series gas-fired thermal fluid heater for them. This thermal fluid heater adopts 3-pass round coil tube design, which features safer operation and sufficient heating surface. Economizer is added at the end of flue gas duct, which can lower the exhaust gas temperature to 90℃ and achieve the thermal efficiency up to 95%.

Client feedback

  Thermal fluid heater is very important equipment in our chemical industry. This kind of thermal fluid heater provided by ZOZEN is a package boiler, which not only meets our production requirement, but also has a fast deliver time, short installation period and a convenient running. Our company has been put into production ahead of time with ZOZEN’s help.

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