4tons DZL Biomass-fired Steam Boiler Project

Project Description

  Ainengju Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. is a science and technology development enterprise that integrates production, sales, and technology development. It has a total investment of 650 million yuan. It plans to invest in and construct an "annual production of 200MW polysilicon solar cell" project. This project has passed the environmental impact assessment test. Zozen's DZL series biomass-fired boilers are horizontal three-pass firepower pipe chain grate boilers. The boilers are quickly assembled and shipped from the factory. They have high combustion efficiency, sufficient steam output and less infrastructure investment. In order to improve the final product quality, photoelectric conversion efficiency, and efficiency of overall production line. To reduce the production cost, Aineng Photovoltaic Co., Ltd. order a 4-ton DZL biomass-fired steam boiler, which is used to produce configure crystalline silicon solar cells and battery modules.

Client feedback

  In this project, we strived for high quality products and low production costs. We are very grateful to Zozen for rationally arranging our factory buildings and production facilities. Our boilers are installed scientifically and rationally to meet the requirements of the production program and help our products have a strong market competitiveness.

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