12 tons DZL Biomass Steam Boiler Project

Project Description

  In recent years, starch sugar has been more and more widely used in the food industry as a new sweetener, and the starch sugar industry has also developed rapidly in terms of scale, output, and variety. Haocheng Foods is located in Minhang, Shanghai. With 15 years of continuous development, Haocheng has become one of the most comprehensive domestic sugar syrup companies with the most complete types of liquid sugar syrup and the most innovative capacity. Starch sugar production process has a great demand for steam. With this expansion of production, New Energy Corporation will cooperate with Haocheng Foods, and New Energy Corporation provide new energy companies with steam for production. New Energy Company ordered a 12-ton steam DZL biomass-fired steam boiler at Zozen according to the requirements of Haocheng Foods for steam quality. It uses clean energy as fuel, uses reasonable rotational speed to make fuel fully burning, and provides high-quality steam with zero emissions of carbon dioxide.

Client feedback

  The products of Haocheng are widely used in many industries such as confectionery, beverages, snack foods, beer and pharmaceuticals. In recent years, the production has gradually expanded, the demand for steam has also gradually increased, the requirements of steam quality are also more stringent. The steam provided by Zozen is sufficient and high in efficiency and satisfies the various needs of our production of steam.

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