4t/h coal-fired steam boiler

Project Description

  ATAL Engineering Group established in 1977, is a global leading electrical and mechanical engineering company that is headquartered in Hong Kong with a very strong presence in Macau and Mainland China. With our highly qualified staff, ATAL is involved in many projects from data centers, rail, airports and pedestrian transport to lighting, renewable energy, waste and water. In order to solve the heating problem of a certain building, ATAL has selected the Zozen Boiler who owns a Class A boiler manufacturing license, a BRII pressure vessel manufacturing license, an ASME licensing standard, and an ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification through professional comparison and analysis. ATAL purchased a 4t/h coal-fired steam boiler at Zozen Boiler to power the air-conditioning system of the building. After a period of using, the building supervisor stated that the air -conditioners on all floors are operating normally and had low energy consumption. They are very satisfied with the entire project.

Client feedback

  Zozen Boiler has a very high reputation in the industry. First of all, the safety of their boilers can guarantee and the boiler thermal efficiency is also very high. All performance indicators of boilers have been tested by the Special Inspection Institute Thermal Energy Testing Center, the boilers are used with confidence. After we ordering their products, they have provided technical personnel from installation to operation guidance and after-sales service. They also provide us with a very complete technical solution and a lot of convenience.

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