2tons WNS condensing Gas-fired Steam Boiler

Project Description

  Baotou Yingjie Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and specializes in the production of all types of rare earth fluoride, which are sold nationwide. Yingjie Chemical focuses on the high-end fields of rare earth production and provides high-quality industrial rare earth products that meet stringent specifications and quality standards in many fields. Therefore, advanced equipment and innovative technological processes are indispensable. After many investigations, Yingjie Chemical Co., Ltd. of Baotou City chose to cooperate with Zozen Boiler and purchased a 2tons WNS condensing gas-fired steam boiler from our company.

Client feedback

  The 2tond WNS condensing gas-fired steam boiler we purchased from Zozen Boiler with high combustion efficiency, fuel saving and easy to be installed. After the major boilers are in place, they can be operated and used only by completing each interface, auxiliary machine and piping system. The boiler solves our worried fast and efficient.

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