1.2 million kcal YY(Q)W Thermal Fluid Heater

Project Description

  Jilin Zhengda Food Co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern agriculture and animal husbandry food enterprise integrated with production, supply and marketing of meat and food processing, animal husbandry, and feed industries. It mainly engaged in "CP Zhengda Food" series of chicken products, the characteristics of safety and health, no hormones, no drug residues, has become a well-known domestic brand.

  The person in charge of the project said that due to the needs of disinfection of the food industry food processing, after Zozen Boiler and Zhengda Foods fully communicated on the budget for production capacity, raw materials, and investment costs, Zhengda purchased a YY(Q)W-1400Y (Q) Thermal Fluid Heater. The end of this type of boiler coil pipe adopts shrinkage coil, which effectively protects the furnace wall at the end of the boiler and is equipped with advanced combustion devices. It can run fully automatically. After the acceptance of boiler is qualified, it will be packaged out of factory to install, debug and use.

Client feedback

  After trial operation, the technical specifications of Zozen fully meet our needs. We are very satisfied with the product quality of Zozen and look forward to the next cooperation!

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